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By: 华策影视官方频道 China Huace Film & TV Official Channel - On: 21 May 2018
Download Video 【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 01 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添)

Download Video 【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 01 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添) 01 Download Video 【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 01 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添) 02
Duration: 46 M 7 S
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Source: Youtube

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▹《玄门大师》完整播放列表/Full Playlist: 【每周一二三晚两集连播!】
▹剧情简介:三千年前,杨戬凭着 “元始圣甲”将妖魔困于上古森林“幽灵异乡”, 并留下偈言:“三千年后,问道者临,元始归一,妖尽玄门”,预言妖界将再次遗祸人间,能化解浩劫的只有让“元始圣甲”合一的“问道者”!然而到了东汉,问道者身份仍是茫无头绪,守护人间的五岳仙盟更意外得知“幽灵异乡”乡主欲攻破封印,重夺人间!仙盟众元老决定孤注一掷冒险启动神秘的“魔劫成道大阵”寻找问道者和“元始圣甲”。谁料闯阵者中竟有一个身份可疑的少年——张陵,他不仅是仙盟的弃徒张大顺之子,且行径乖张,但却凭着过人的才智屡建奇功。而幽灵皇朝为阻止妖界覆灭,暗中派出先锋暗杀部队,一场人间妖界的浩劫一触即发……

▹Synopsis: 3000 years ago, Yang Jian perdicted there would be a disaster for the human beings and only a chosen taoist could use the divine armor to save the world. During the East Han Dynasty, the wolf demons expanded their domains to human habitats. The Taoist Alliance tried to find the chosen taoist in order to defeat the wolf demons. Zhang Ling, with his good friend Tie Lang, did quite well in the trial. He also won the heart of Feifei, the daughter of the leader of the Taoist Alliance.
Kun Lun was jealous of Zhang Liang, so he hurt him and grabbed the divine armor. Tielang found himself as the leader of wolf demons, Iron Wolf. Zhang Liang persuaded him not to hurt human beings and to find another habitat. Tie Lang agreed. Kun Lun found he couldn't use the divine armor because he was not the chosen one. He wanted to destroy all the wolf demons but his plan failed. Zhang Liang used the armor to activate the portal so all wolf demons can move to another world.


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